New England Futsal is the largest provider of Futsal training in the New England area. Futsal is an indoor 5v5 soccer game played in a basketball court. It is a fast-paced game in a small space that fosters the development of great foot work and soccer sk

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New England Futsal (NEF) will soon be celebrating its 8th season of operation. We've been putting the pieces together for futsal training, league and tournament development for our region of the country since our inception and have consistently realized approximately 20% growth in all programs each and every year.

The futsal momentum is in full swing and people at all levels of play are rapidly becoming believers in the value of training and playing FIFA's only recognized small sided indoor game, FUTSAL. Some of the area's top premier clubs integrate futsal as an indoor season regiment to help develop pin-point passing skills, work on foot skills and a player's rapid response skills and thinking under pressure in this fast paced 'no-walls' format.  Parents witness the exponential rate of development that their children realize through participation in the ever popular futsal academy training sessions, and more and more town travel teams are bridging their fall and spring seasons by playing futsal to give them that added competitive advantage for when they return to the outdoor venues.

With such positive momentum, there has been no better time to jump aboard.  Futsal development is the USA is governed by the United States Futsal Federation through its local state associations.

New England Futsal is actively seeking new program and league operation opportunities throughout New England and we invite Futsal enthusiasts within this region's soccer community to consider becoming part of our growing team of successful and sought after futsal programs.


The 2008-2009 season saw new futsal operations emerge in Connecticut with an academy run by Futsal stand out Everson Maciel, as well as in Marlboro, Massachusetts with a youth oriented training academy and the Copa Latina Men's program, and in Fall River, Massachusetts we introduced a new spring futsal and soccer academy format to the normal winter season program.

The upcoming season will be highlighted by integrating our new 'MyFutsal' league programs and new futsal league creation in Rhode Island at Roger Williams University.  The 'MyFutsal' league program is a collaborative effort by Massachusetts Futsal, New England Futsal and Futsal Training System to provide our area with the most comprehensive league development opportunities for those team not yet active in Futsal.

There never has been a better time to get the ball rolling for futsal in our region.  New England Futsal has a proven track record and a system in place for the development, management and oversight of futsal academies, leagues and tournaments.  Call us today at 401-624-1521 to begin the process of getting your own futsal league sanctioned and up and running.

All new league development is subject to sanctioning approval by the respective New England state associations, as their state's recognized governing authority for futsal development under the auspices of US Futsal.